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For Immediate Release – September 23, 2019

Coalition Launches Effort to Raise Concerns About Imposing a Sales Tax on Services in California

Sacramento, Calif. – A broad coalition of small businesses, taxpayers, employers and services providers announced forming the California Tax and Budget Research Project (CTBRP) to educate Californians about the harmful impacts of imposing a new sales tax on services on the state’s economy, budget, consumers and taxpayers.


Editorial: Sacramento Considers Billions of Dollars in Tax and Fee Increases. They Should All Be Voted Down.

The Orange County Register

Californians are among the most taxed Americans in the country. But that’s not enough for the politicians in Sacramento, who have proposed over $6 billion in tax and fee increases in the first months of the 2019-20 legislative session, according to the California Tax Foundation.


Editorial: CalChamber-Backed Study Says Service Tax Would Disadvantage California Businesses


Aiming to short-circuit an idea that has long captured the imagination, if not yet the votes, of legislators, a study backed by California Chamber of Commerce has found that adopting a business service tax


Editorial: California Businesses Should Reject Efforts Leveraging Threat of Split Roll For Other Tax Hikes

The Press-Enterprise

Gov. Gavin Newsom wants to make a deal for tax reform in California. Perhaps echoing his campaign slogan, “Courage, for a change,” he told reporters that Gov. Jerry Brown “had no interest in this, even at the peak of his power, influence and insight.”